Medical ID's you can love

No, you're not dreaming

We started here, in 2014

stamping metal plates in our living room and hoping for "Tiffany's"

We became skilled artists

to fulfill a pressing need

We obsessed

over price, quality, and design

Until we made something

that all of us could love


To say this road has been easy, would be a lie. But to say it's worth it, is true.

The moment when you open the mail, and (next to your box of sterile-wrapped, hospital-grade medical supplies) you see something beautiful, just for you, in a little velvet pouch...

...for that moment -- we're damn proud.  Cheers.


"Wow, I really like your bracelet...I have never seen such a beautiful medic alert bracelet" said a lady.  I was caught off guard when I first heard this comment. This has been a frequent comment that I've been hearing the last 6 months. I have not taken this bracelet off.  I've showered with it.  I've ridden my bike with it.  I've worked out with it.  When I was working out I didn't feel like I needed to modify my workout because the bracelet was dainty and fragile. I've gone to work wearing it.  I've put on my sexy evening gown and not feel like I wanted to hide my bracelet because it was so big and bulky. I felt attractive and confident wearing my new bracelet.  Even though I've been swimming in chlorine and in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, the gold has not tarnished. It looks as sparkling as the day I got it...If you're looking for beautiful,  classy and long lasting medical Id bracelet that will fit any lifestyle, I highly recommend Poppy Medical Id. 

Garcia Jean-Baptiste, Covington, WA