Hi, I'm Poppy.

Hi, I'm Poppy.

Nothing holds me back. I throw a tomato in the face of anybody that thinks my medical condition means I'm damaged goods, less than capable, or deserving of anything less than the whole world as my oyster. I know that I have self-worth equal to anyone else regardless of a medical condition. I refuse to sink to anyone's lowest expectations of what I can do. 

My medical condition is a tiny, tiny part of me as a whole person. Yes, I take care of my diabetes (checking my blood sugar, eating healthily) but it's just part of my life, like putting on socks, brushing my teeth, or going to yoga to make sure that I'm my best self. I also like to be active, get outside, chase goals, nurture my dreams, travel, go to concerts, festivals, fairs; date boys, ride bikes, float rivers, climb mountains; see new places, try new things, and do all the things on my bucket list. I reject expectations that I degrade myself in favor of my medical condition (be it wearing an ugly medical ID, missing out on life experiences, or otherwise). There will be no talk of, "Don't travel to that country, don't drink that wine, don't run that race, don't climb that mountain, don't work that hard, don't wear that dress, don't allow yourself the life that you want because of your medical condition."

You can ask me anything, and I guarantee I'll respond with a little fire. You might be someone like me living with diabetes, in need of a girlfriends' opinion, or second opinion in general. You might be a parent of a child with diabetes. You might love my answer, you might hate my answer; but I will look at you or your loved one with a medical condition as a beautiful, capable, fierce human with unlimited potential, not as someone who lives a life of tragedy bound by a medical condition...and respond accordingly. 

I don't think I have all the answers. I don't think any of us do. However, we all have a unique perspective that might help another person wade through their personal storm. That's why, throughout this journey, I'll be reaching out to other people to see what they have to say. Other young women with medical conditions who are killin' it on the dance floor of life; parents of kids with medical conditions who have ridden that roller-coaster; partners who have diabetes (or another condition) by association; people with experiences different than my own. We all have something to offer.

Personally, I went to elementary, middle, high school, and college with diabetes. I played sports, I worked, I volunteered, went on day-trips, camping trips, weekend trips, studied abroad, etc. I navigated parents, friends, coaches, teachers, employers; I've encountered both unconscious discrimination and unwavering, unconditional support from all sides of the coin, and have the benefit of hindsight. Sometimes I'll offer my opinion; sometimes I'll point to someone else. But regardless, you're not alone. And -- whether you have diabetes, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc. -- we have something more important in common: an appetite for life. 

Write to me, ask me your questions, tell me your concerns. You might get a response you weren't expecting, or haven't heard on other forums, but that's kinda the point. 



Eaten today: 1c coffee. 2 eggs. ¼ avocado. ½ c leftover rhubarb crisp (Wait. IDGAF.)


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