MADE for you

"I started Poppy Medical ID because girls like me craved and deserved a product we could love. I had a simple goal; create a medical ID that I, and girls like me, would want to wear."

-Poppy Medical Founder, Sarah Harmon

We serve the whole person

Tired of products for your medical condition, that don't take into account that you have to live with it? Welcome to Poppy Medical, where we make products that satisfy the whole person, not just their medical condition.

Found by a jewelry designer living with Type 1 Diabetes.

We're more than a jewelry company

We stand for values that we feel in our gut. We believe that all people deserve hope, high standards, and great products regardless of a medical condition. We believe that "utilitarian" isn't good enough -- and that taking what we can get isn't as good as creating the world we dream.


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