Our Story


Ever since my diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in 1998, medical IDs available were neither versatile, nor blended seamlessly into my life. They were not chic. They were not 'cool' or tasteful. And they were certainly not discreet.  And...I felt like I shouldn’t have to grasp at straws when it came to life-saving products.

By 2013, and it was shocking to see the complete lack of progress in medical ID's. From 1998-2013 I had transitioned from a child to a young woman. Phones had gone from corded landlines to tiny handheld supercomputers. I could 3D print a figurine of Justin Bieber if I wanted to. Yet, medical IDs hadn't transformed into the pretty and elegant pieces of jewelry envisioned. Much to the chagrin of my family and medical providers, I, and many of my friends, simply refused to wear one.

A thought turned on in my head that year: if my friend's lives were at stake as well as my own-- but I didn’t care enough to solve the problem...who would? 

2013 - 2018 became an unfolding of passion-- from magazine clippings, to jewelry classes, to finding manufacturers. In October 2017, I opened Poppy Medical ID with a Kickstarter campaign, to get setup equipment. Today, Poppy Medical is no longer just a dream-- we are young, but growing, expanding, and getting better every day.

We won't ask you to settle, sacrifice, or bear another small indignity of your medical condition. We won't leave you hoping for something better "tomorrow"-- searching frantically online, year after year. We'll make things just a little bit brighter, a little more stylish, and a little more poppin, today.

Happy shopping!


When you bring home a Poppy ID, you're unwrapping a work of art crafted with detail and passion. Whether it's for you or a loved one, we know the skilled craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and care embedded into each bracelet will make each Poppy Girl fall in love with hers.


Poppies are small, but vibrant. Our name speaks to the classic, stunning simplicity of our design, the vibrancy of our spirit, and the beautiful sea of people that we serve.